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Strategy with an attitude

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After finding incredible success with its Worms titles in the realm of PC strategy games, Team 15 has released Worms: Blast, a completely different kind of strategy game. Those looking for traditional Worms game play will be sorely disappointed in this game. The resemblance to the old Worms titles is only skin-deep, with the only similarities being the cast of characters and colorful game play. But don’t be too let down, there is some great strategy game play to be found here.

The game bears a striking resemblance to the Bust-A-Move series. With a flat vertical perspective, the game centers around shooting colored missiles into colored dots that either explode if the colors match or change to the color missle that struck it.

The levels are arrayed on a very crisp and lively map, with designated paths from one challenge to the next. Some paths require you to complete up to three different levels before being able to advance. The levels progress in difficulty, with the final levels being almost mind-numbingly difficult. A tutorial is built into the beginning of the map, although the controls of the game are incredibly simple

The major difference between the Bust-A-Move and Worms: Blast is that, while the objective of the Bust-A-Move games (clear the screen of all the dots) stays constant, the Worms: Blast offers a great deal of different objectives. Some require you to hit moving targets, clear the screen without dropping any dots, run from monsters, and even slay dragons. One of the more amusing elements of the game is how Team 15 used dots of different colors to create everything from banana trees to flying saucers.

Like the Worms series, Worms: Blast retains a very lively and comical atmosphere. For example, if your shot goes awry and falls into water, a refrigerator might land on your head. If you really mess up a level, your worm might tell you how much you suck. Also, in multi-player mode you can lay mines, homing missiles, or even shoot your opponent with a shotgun while he’s trying to clear his screen.

While it may be funny, it’s still a serious strategy game. The focus may not be on the turn-based play associated with the previous Worms games but more so on geometry and timing, it still requires planning and skill to complete levels. It’s a less serious strategy game, and one that you will feel happy, not mentally drained, after playing for long periods of time.

Overall it’s a great strategy game, and a worthy member of the Worms series. Though a complete change from previous games, the worms with attitude still retain their charm, appeal, and giant bazookas.

Reviewer’s Scoring Details

Gameplay: 9
It’s a very fun game to play, and although not a traditional Worms game, still is a great addition to the series. The game play is very crisp and bug free, adding to the alure of this real-time puzzle game.

Graphics: 8
Graphics, though flat, are crisp and colorful, adding to the exciting and fun atmosphere of the game.

Sound: 7
The background music was repetative, and annoying towards the end of the game. Sound effects though, are good, and the voice acting is very funny.

Difficulty: 9
The game was challenging throughout, and did not require you to complete one specific level to advance, but offered many routes to a specific point on the map.

Concept: 6
The game looked and played too much like the Bust-A-Move series to receive a high rating in this category. While it is a good concept, it’s nothing new.

Multi Player: 8
The game offers multi-player gaming via Internet. The timed puzzle theme really lends itself to multi-player, enhanced by the ability to thwart your opponent with weapons, not just skill, during the duel.

Value: 8
There is a large variety of stages within the game, and playing versus the computer is always fun, making the replay value high.

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